Ideas for Building a Custom Home in 2017

  As the evolution of living spaces continues, prospective homeowner is always looking for ways to capitalize on the latest trends. If you have plans for a home for 2017, here is a look at some of the best ideas being used by contractors and designers. Colored stainless steel. This material has always been appealing […]

Choosing the Right Generator for the Entire Home for the Winter

  Many people have experienced at least one power outage, and all of them can attest to the inconvenience they experienced. In any areas where people face the possibility of storms or harsh winters, a generator is a good idea. For some, it might be enough to have a generator that powers a few appliances; […]

Basement Egress Windows

  The location of a basement makes it different from other rooms in a house. It comes with its own challenges, and there are strict guidelines for renovating this space. In an emergency, it might not be possible to access other parts of the home. An egress window is essential for safety, and it is […]

The Best Kitchen Countertops for a Great Decor

  No matter what type or size kitchen you have, the importance of the countertop can never be overstated. This is a meal preparation area, and often serves as space for small appliances, but ultimately the look of the surface is a prime consideration. Here is a list of kitchen countertops as ranked by the […]

Picking the Right Tiles for Your Kitchen

  One of the most enjoyable aspects of remodeling a kitchen is that it gives you the chance to express some creativity. Unlike other rooms, here you can get away with using different tiles to get the look you want. Using patterns and different colors is ideal, and with the floor and wall space to […]

How to Avoid Hassles When Remodeling Your Basement

  If you look at your plain, cold basement, and see extra living space or an entertainment area, you are showing some creativity. Despite your plans however, you could be setting yourself up for a few headaches if you don’t know the potential pitfalls. Many basement projects have been completed successfully, and with a few […]

5 Ways to Refresh the Look of an Old Bathroom

  Some aspects of an older home add character, and there may be a few things you would prefer to keep. However, even a vintage bathroom can take an update here and there while maintaining the vintage charm. You might want to retain some of the vintage aspects even if you buy new fixtures. These […]

Kitchen Cabinets Make Up a Good Portion of Kitchen Remodeling Costs

  Kitchen remodeling isn’t cheap. We’re pretty sure that every homeowner is aware of that fact. But did you know that the cabinetry you choose can make up roughly 40% of the remodeling budget? That’s a lot of cash bundled up into kitchen cabinets alone. And that’s why we recommend brushing up on your understanding […]

Improve the Overall Resource Efficiency of Your Kitchen with these 8 Tips

  We’re all about improving the efficiency of your kitchen this month. It may have something to do with this incredible fall weather and the fact that we can leave the windows open to air everything out. But whatever it is, today we wanted to talk about the variety of ways you can improve the […]

9 Tips to Organize and Beautify Your Kitchen to Make it More Efficient

  A well organized kitchen is automatically more efficient than one that is continually in a state of disarray. You will be glad to know that you don’t have to completely remodel your kitchen in order to add several great organizational tools. Take a look at these 9 tips to organize and beautify your kitchen […]