Window Design Ideas – More Than Light

  People look at standard windows as if they are all the same. Most people assume that windows are just a matter of letting light in, and allowing you to have a bit of a contrast in and out of the home. It’s always a nice thing to have, but design goes beyond the utility […]

Home Siding Can Take On Many Forms

  There’s a great number of options that you can consider when you start to renovate, remodel, and update your home’s exterior. Often times, people assume that there are only one or two options. That’s not the case at all. You can get a good push forward with a great deal of solutions, including popular […]

Changing Entry Doors – Creating an Alluring Starting Point

  The front door is an easy thing to overlook. It’s often a matter of utility. Even when you paint it, and change the look of it from the outside, it can become dull. If you’re looking into renovations, consider changing the entry way, by focusing on the various styles that are found with entry […]

3 Ways to Improve Your Deck Renovation

  There’s nothing quite as nice as a well designed and constructed deck. This can help with giving your yard a great deal of square footage. Whether you want to entertain, or you want a place to relax, decks can really improve your home’s value, and maximize the space that you have in place. A […]

Why a New Roof is a Valuable Home Improvement

  Within a time-span of 15 years, the average homeowner will probably spend big bucks to remodel the bathroom and kitchen, and even the basement, among other changes. Sadly, the roof generally does not get the kind of attention it deserves until it starts to leak. New countertops and cabinets are more pressing, but there […]

Siding Choices for Your Exterior Walls

  The siding is an extremely important part of a home’s exterior. As with the roof, it is important to know what choices you have when it comes to this product. Let’s look at some types of exterior siding for your house. At Sundance Custom Homes, we are well aware of the benefits of choosing […]

Get the Most out of Your Home: Utilizing Wasted Space

  The number one complaint most people have about their home (whether renters or owners)? “There’s just not enough space.” Certainly it can feel that way, but before you decide that it’s the absolute truth, spend a little time hunting for the space you may be overlooking. You’d be surprised how those inches add up […]

Creative Ways to Expand Your Home

  The decision to add to your home usually takes careful thought, but if you have a growing family, it is unavoidable. The budget is usually the biggest drawback for most homeowners when it comes to this type of upgrade. After all, a bit more legroom might not have the visual impact of a brand […]

What to Consider Before Removing an Interior Wall

  When remodeling a home or even just a room or two, there are times when you may want to remove an interior wall. This can be necessary because the design calls for it or you may want a larger space. However, even the simplest wall can prove to be a challenge if you want […]

The Right Roof Can Add Style to Your Home

  The roof is one area of the home that serves a useful design purpose. While you already know that the roof is important for protection, it can be so much more. Your contractor can help you to choose the right material based on the weather conditions where you live. However, when designing your home, […]