Let’s Start Planning Now for Your 2017 Custom Home Build

  Having a custom home built can be an amazing experience if you begin planning at least several months in advance. There are many things that you can do in order to make the entire process of having a custom home built go smoothly and even more affordable. Today we’re going to outline 7 things […]

Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal with These 9 Great Ideas

  There are many ways that a homeowner can improve their home’s curb appeal. Some of them are quite simple and others may take a couple of hours or a weekend of diligence. However, the end results will make the house look fabulous and inviting. Here are 9 great ideas that every homeowner can use […]

Added Curb Appeal and 5 Other Benefits of Entry Door Replacement

  An entry door can make a big statement for any house and this is one of the reasons why many homeowners are choosing to replace their front entry doors. Entry doors can add so much to a house and choosing one can be difficult because there are many different styles available now. Here are […]

7 Home Additions That Will Add to Your Homes Curb Appeal

  Almost every homeowner needs more space in their house, but not many of them are willing to move from their current home to buy a home with more square footage. Thankfully, there are many home additions that can be done that will not only add space and value to the home, but also improve […]

Tips to Help You Create an Amazing Deck for the 2016 Entertainment Season and Beyond

  Like the building of a home, deck building relies heavily on personal tastes. These versatile structures add curb appeal, provide extra living space and help you to entertain guests. With so many great ideas to choose from, your deck dream can quickly become a reality. You can build a deck that serves your needs […]

Tips and Information You Need before You Remodel Your Basement

  Basement remodeling projects are a great way to add value and usable space to your home. A basement makeover can be the perfect thing when you’re looking for an update. Here are five tips to consider before you begin your basement project. Lay it Out: Before you begin working on walls, floors, and windows, […]

Take Your Bathroom from Ordinary to Extraordinary

  You have probably seen a few bathrooms that look too amazing to be real on Facebook or some other social media site. Well, you will be happy to know that your bathroom can be just as fabulous. You can with some imagination and a good designer makeover your bathroom to be a tropical getaway […]

5 Master Bath Upgrades that will Transform Your Master Suite

  Upgrading your master bath is a great way to create a unique, personalized oasis in your home. In addition to creating a wonderful space for relaxing, upgrading your master bath with high-end options adds value and appeal to your home. Here are a few ideas for transforming your master suite. Side by Side Sinks: […]

Building a Custom Home on a Sloping Lot

  It’s one thing to build your dream house, but what if your lot is less than perfect? One fact about house construction is that not every lot seems suitable to begin with. Sloping lots can present a challenge, but it does not have to be the problem that some make it out to be. […]

10 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Lighting for Various Areas of Your Home

  Choosing light fixtures for a home can be difficult and overwhelming, because no one really knows what size the fixture should be and if it will give off enough light or maybe even too much light. There is nothing worse than completing a renovation and then not be able to see when you sit […]