Thinking of Adding on Without Finishing or Remodeling Your Basement? Read This First!

Many homeowners consider the basement just a large storage area with no real functionality other than climate controlled storage. Finishing out the basement is actually one of the best things you can do to increase the living space in your home. What is currently a large open area with block walls and a concrete floor […]

Remodeling Your Home to Maximize Room and Flow

Many large homes lack the openness you’d expect based on the size. Too many solid walls create a sense of claustrophobia as you move from room to room. Opening up those walls could really open up the space, but please don’t take this on as a DIY project; many of those walls may act as […]

Master Bathroom Spa Ideas and Tips to Maximize Functionality and Space

Bathrooms aren’t traditionally the largest room in the home, but we’ve put more emphasis on them in recent years. We want our bathrooms to feel more like a haven in which to relax instead of a small area designed for quick visits. I’m not talking about the half bath, of course the purpose of this […]

Avoid Cookie-Cutter Home Designs – Design Your Home with Us

People aren’t meant to live in homes that are 100% like every other home in the neighborhood. I know we’ve all seen cartoons and movies that begin with a wide panoramic of a neighborhood where every house, vehicle, and landscape are identical. We usually laugh at that thought, but have you driven around some local […]

Remodeling Your Home to Include Multi Levels, Hidden Storage and Nooks

Single story homes often feel boring and plain. Why stick with a traditional single-story floor plan when today’s technological advances in building techniques offer so many more possibilities? Today we’re going to discuss some pretty amazing things you can do with a single story home as well as several ideas for multi-story homes and staircases. […]

Remodel Your Kitchen to Maximize Space with Some of These Great Ideas

The kitchen is the most-remodeled room in the home. Coincidentally it is also the most used room in the home. Most kitchen remodels involve new cabinets, new flooring, new countertops, new sinks, and new appliances. Some include new paint on the walls and new backsplashes for the sink and cook top. Check out these ideas […]

Master Suite Remodel Ideas

A well-designed master suite is often responsible for the sale of a home. Not single-handedly of course, other factors come into play as well, but the master suite is very high on the list for many homeowners. Today I want to talk about several master bedroom suite remodeling ideas that we hope to see more […]

Children’s Bedroom Ideas to Maximize Storage and Personal Space

Children’s bedrooms are usually chaotic. Sometimes they may be classified as organized chaos, but that’s only when they’re “clean.” Here are some great ideas to maximize storage in a child’s bedroom and maximize the personal space they have as well. Let us know what you think about these ideas. Murphy Bed or Hide-Away Bed Murphy […]

Personalized Deck Refacing – Real Wood or Composite Materials?

The design of your deck depends almost entirely on you. Some of the most impressive deck designs I’ve seen to date are created using intricate designs such as pinwheels or squares inside squares to give an almost-3D appearance. The design can be as detailed or as plain as you choose, because it is your deck. […]

Let’s Take a Look at How Adding a Sunroom and Deck Will Improve Your Home

A deck is the ultimate way to enjoy the outdoors without getting your feet dirty. Decorate it with comfy deck furniture, a grill, hot tub, and a hammock, and enjoy! I know, it sounds incredible, right? But what will it do to your home’s value to add a deck and a sunroom? Let’s take a […]