Remodeling with Children in Mind

One problem some homeowners face later on is when they start having children and realize that their dream house is not really child-friendly. Even if you have the right number of rooms, you will find that you need to make changes to convert some rooms such as a bedroom or the living room to make […]

Ideas to Make Your Home Baby Boomer Safe

As people age, they begin to look at ways to make their homes safer and more convenient. Known as aging in place, many builders and designers are helping older homeowners make elegant changes to their homes which will enable them to stay at home in their senior years. The builders here at Sundance Homes, LLC, […]

Do You Want Your Own Personal Spa? Turn Your Bathroom into One

Few things can relax you like some time at the spa where the relaxing atmosphere helps to drain your troubles away. It is not always possible to go to a spa for that relaxation you crave, but you can get that same feeling right at home. With some ingenuity and planning, you can turn even […]

Can You Afford to Design and Build a Custom Home?

Many people have a dream house in mind but fears about being able to afford a custom home keep them from moving beyond just that; a dream. However, with the right custom home designer, it is possible to get the home you really want. The expert carpenters here at Sundance Custom Homes, LLC, in Earleville, […]

Remodel Your Home Before the Holiday Season and Enjoy Your New Space All Winter

August is the perfect time for Maryland and Delaware homeowners to begin planning interior remodeling projects. The weather is beginning to cool, and most of the evening thunderstorms are subsiding. Hurricane season is coming to an end, and most building materials are becoming more affordable. Remodel your home before the holidays and enjoy showing it […]

Popular in 2014: Kitchen Design Trends

I decided to include a couple of end of summer popular trends for 2014 as we head into fall. I can’t believe it’s August already, and almost time for us to switch our focus to primarily indoor work for a few months. I’ve decided to focus my primary 2014 remodeling trends on bathroom and kitchen […]

Popular in 2014: Bathroom Design Trends

Everyone loves lists, so why not include a couple of lists for our end of summer blogging sessions? I’m going to focus on lists for the kitchen and bathroom this month, so watch for them! Let me know what you think or other lists you would like to see by commenting in the comments section […]

Need Help Choosing the Right Roofing Material for Your Earleville, Maryland Home?

The east coast gets hammered by storms pretty hard sometimes, especially during hurricane season. Is your roof ready for the next hurricane season? Will it withstand the strong winds and rains that are often responsible for the most damage? Here at Sundance Homes, LLC, we understand east coast building materials, because we are also homeowners. […]

Thinking of Adding on Without Finishing or Remodeling Your Basement? Read This First!

Many homeowners consider the basement just a large storage area with no real functionality other than climate controlled storage. Finishing out the basement is actually one of the best things you can do to increase the living space in your home. What is currently a large open area with block walls and a concrete floor […]

Remodeling Your Home to Maximize Room and Flow

Many large homes lack the openness you’d expect based on the size. Too many solid walls create a sense of claustrophobia as you move from room to room. Opening up those walls could really open up the space, but please don’t take this on as a DIY project; many of those walls may act as […]