Get the Most out of Your Home: Utilizing Wasted Space

  The number one complaint most people have about their home (whether renters or owners)? “There’s just not enough space.” Certainly it can feel that way, but before you decide that it’s the absolute truth, spend a little time hunting for the space you may be overlooking. You’d be surprised how those inches add up […]

Creative Ways to Expand Your Home

  The decision to add to your home usually takes careful thought, but if you have a growing family, it is unavoidable. The budget is usually the biggest drawback for most homeowners when it comes to this type of upgrade. After all, a bit more legroom might not have the visual impact of a brand […]

What to Consider Before Removing an Interior Wall

  When remodeling a home or even just a room or two, there are times when you may want to remove an interior wall. This can be necessary because the design calls for it or you may want a larger space. However, even the simplest wall can prove to be a challenge if you want […]

The Right Roof Can Add Style to Your Home

  The roof is one area of the home that serves a useful design purpose. While you already know that the roof is important for protection, it can be so much more. Your contractor can help you to choose the right material based on the weather conditions where you live. However, when designing your home, […]

Siding Options for Your New Home Addition

  Many homeowners put off building a home addition because they’re worried that they won’t be able to match their new siding to existing siding. Our solution to that is pretty simple; don’t. Your new siding doesn’t have to match at all, it can contrast and create an entirely new look for your home. Today […]

Are You Considering Exterior Modifications to Your Home During 2015?

  Spring is in the air and homeowners across Delaware, Maryland, and Eastern Pennsylvania are planning some fun home modifications for their home this spring and summer. Some of the most easily recognized modifications include new siding, new entry doors, and a new roof. While new siding is a great way to refresh the appearance […]

Redoing Your Kitchen Brings New Life to Your Home

When it comes to upgrades, renovations, and remodeling, you’re going to probably think about several distinct options for your home. Amidst the many things you can do, you’ll want to focus on the kitchen at one point or another. The kitchen is much more than just the location where you cook, create culinary treats, and […]

Overlooked Elements of a Custom Renovation

Once you purchase a home, you’re going to find that there are things wrong with it. Whether it’s the lack of space, or it’s just that you’ve outgrown it. Millions of people are in the same boat, finding themselves wishing for a new home, and they begin looking. When you look at the landscape of […]

Small Changes with Big Impact: Changing Windows and Doors

When it comes to remodeling, sometimes a little can literally go a long way. Changing out windows and doors can give many homes a new look and even increase the value of the house. Unlike some home renovation projects, window and door replacement can be easily phased to better manage the cost. This is especially […]

Do You Need a Generator at Home?

Losing power for long spells is a major inconvenience, but if you are one of the millions who work from home, it can be disaster. Of course, there are many other reasons why you may need to have backup power in place. A number of factors make buying a generator a good idea. Call Sundance […]